Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Covet Tuesday: Karlsson Clocks

These clocks caught my eye recently so I decided to conduct a further investigation! I really like the colours in the clocks above and most of them are interchangeable and customisable - so you get more clock for your money. I think my favourite here is the Karlsson Multi Colored DIY Cube Wall Clock. These are all Karlsson designs - a Dutch company - and are available to buy online from various clock websites. However, I first saw these in the Argos Catalogue and having conducted a price check I think this would be the best place for Irish customers to buy. I'm a big Argos fan and find that great designs often nestle amongst the multitudinous stock. I also love this Big Flip clock - it reminds me of a very similar style found at Habitat. Sadly this shop was one of the first victims of our slowing economy so we are Habitat-less for the foreseeable future. At any rate I have a feeling one of these clocks will be coming to live with me soon.