Thursday, July 16, 2009

Harry Clarke's Illustrations for H. C. Andersen's Fariy Tales at the National Gallery

Last weekend we visited the Harry Clarke exhibition at the National Gallery. My brother was really the driving force behind the visit and I'm really glad he suggested we go. Harry Clarke was a famous stained glass artist and created the windows of Celtic Revival Honan Chapel at our University in Cork. The illustrations are hanging in the Print Room and are worth a visit if you are about town. The illustrations here are The Garden of Paradise, The Swineheard, The Wild Swans and The Snow Queen.


Cathy said...

Stunning illustrations Gillian. That exhibition must have been well worth seeing. That book of Hans Andersons Illustrated fairy tales sounds wonderful too. I love children's illustrations and sometimes buy the books just for the pictures (and sometimes to have a second childhood and read the stories...ha ha). I like that little Etsy fox too.

picciolo said...

these are amazing, perfect for fairy tales!
: )