Sunday, August 2, 2009

Covet Tuesday: CKS Zeal Colours Collection

I really love this range of silicone kitchenware by Zeal, part of English cookware company CKS. [From top to bottom: Spoon Rests, Mini Loaf Cases, Blackbird Pie Funnels, Spatula Spoons, Pan Handles and Bowl Scrapers] I first saw this range at Stock Dublin but its also available over at The Original Cookware Company.

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riversidegc said...

I also love this range! I am bored of the traditional country kitchen look and have bought loads of this stuff in the lime green colour to colour co-ordiante my kitchen! I have always been a fan of the modern/show kitchen look! I got mine from who have a MASSIVE range! best i've found so far. one thing i have noticed though is that the thicker silicone utensils have a slight colour variance on the thinner plastics