Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Button Hearts & Cross Stitch

I've finally sorted out our box room - into which I dumped countless boxes of crafts supplies during out recent move. I also set aside a table in our kitchen for crafts purposes - finally a place that I could sit and not mess up the coffee table! However, this table has just become a towering jumble of craft and I've been very slow to get back to full craft mode. I did make these button hearts which I'm quite happy with and have invested in some cross-stitch kits which I hope will turn out well. On another note - during a shopping trip to Tesco last night I noticed that they have their Christmas chocolate & sweets in stock already - has anyone seen the huge Cadbury's Dairy Milk Bar that is available now?! Definitely one for the Christmas Stocking!


Sue said...

Pretty hearts. The cross-stitch looks fun. I must admit I was mad on cross-stitch a while back and have loads that need finishing off.

Cathy said...

The button hearts are really sweet Gillian. I am glad you are getting things sorted out craftwise now. The actual sorting out after a move takes months. You would have loved the Knitting and Stitching Show I visited last week. There were masses of cross-stitch stands with all their latest designs on display.