Sunday, September 26, 2010

Visiting: Bath

We've been planning to visit Bath for ages now and the week we spent there did not disappoint as you can see! We spent one morning swimming and steaming in the Thermae Bath Spa - I would recommend an early visit - its so lovely to be floating away on the rooftop (not much swimming was done!) when the pool is quiet. 
We also spent a few hours at The Roman Baths which were amazing - and had hot crumpets  and tea in The Pump Room. I cannot imagine what this place is like in Summer but it was nice to do everything 'tourist-y' for a change!
Much time was spent around the Royal Crescent and other architectural lovelies due to general love of all things Georgian! We were staying right by Pulteney Bridge and lots of time was spent in and around Bath's fantastic shops - just a few favourites here - yes you've spotted Cath Kidston is amongst them!

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permanent magenta said...

Wow. Thank you so much for sharing that. Your bath in the sky! all those pretty pictures. making travel urges in my heart. The last time I went to Bath was with my grandmother 40 million years ago and that all came flooding back. (in a warm-yearning-good sort of way, not a curse-you-grandma-for-burdening-me-with-a-lifetime-of-crushing-self-critisim way, just in case you were wondering.)