Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday Collage

I have a lot of almost finished projects on the go at the moment so here are a few I've recently completed - and some other lovelies I've invested in over the past few weeks! When I saw this fabric "Daisy Walk" by Jonelle Duracolour I was transported back to childhood when we had a very nifty tea-cosy made from this fabric! I love the primary colours and little daises strewn about the pattern. I made this coffee-cosy for a friend of mine - love the pink Velcro! I invested in some crochet-effect fingerless gloves for the Autumn mornings - from H&M, an array of Rowan handknit cotton in beautiful colours and some (quick intake of breath) *Christmas* ribbon. I also made this cafetiere-cosy with lovely CK fabric and red felt and got around to signing this painting I gave to my Mother-in-Law a few years back!


Anonymous said...

I love the strawberry fabric!! Tammy

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picciolo said...

I love the colours of wool you have there, what are you going to make?
: )