Thursday, April 14, 2011

Covet Thursday: Gudrun Sjödén Design

I came across an advertisement for the Swedish design company Gudrun Sjödén recently and was intrigued. I decided to check out their website and was not disappointed! Lovely clothes and lovely photography - I especially covet the red ankle boots! And they deliver to Ireland!


picciolo said...

what beautiful fabrics they use, I can see why they caught your eye. Did you get the boots?
: )

Cathy said...

I love that company to bits. I get sent their magazines and use the models as inspiration for some of my artwork. GS is an amazing designer who just seems to know what is going to be successful. I like their green ethos too. I just wish I could afford it all..haha.

Gillian said...

The boots remain on my covet list for now! Very lovely though! G

Gillian said...

I agree Cathy - so lovely to look at but might need to wait for a special occasion to indulge! G

Anonymous said...

Hello from Seattle
So nice to find your blog via Google Images for Gudrun Sjoden. I have loved her designs and color for years and am so glad can now order from US. Cathy I agree with you regarding the inspiration.
Bravo Gudrun! Thank you Gillian!