Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Loveliness

I was lucky enough to get this lovely Lindt Gold Bunny for Easter from my good friend - and I'm trying to parcel out the rest of the chocolate as the week progresses. I'm very proud of this Lemon Lime Curd I made last week using this recipe - lovely on toast and a great way to use up leftover egg yolks from meringue making. I also received some lovely birthday goodies recently - this great All The Kings Horses Slouch Sweater and Big Cats Scarf from Bonbi Forest and a pair of Teapots Towels from Paperchase along with some Avoca Soap! I finally got some of my pottery back from the kiln and strung up this Lighthouse and Anchor combo with my beloved Henhouse lavender and wheat sack! 


picciolo said...

Happy belated birthday! You got some lovely gifts, I love the jumper
: )

Cathy said...

Lovely birthday goodies Gillian. Bonbi Forest stuff is gorgeous. Lemon curd is a favourite of mine, especially on cakey things..yumm.