Thursday, January 19, 2012

New House: Kitchen Blackboard Wall

Our new (old) house is nearing completion and so I'm going to share some of my decorating ideas in some new 'New House' blogposts. 
I've wanted a blackboard wall in my kitchen for ages but out now house have very little available kitchen wall. The blackboard door here looks great but I'll have to do some persuading to get our brand new door and paint 'customised' like this one! All images from


HeartfeltHandmade said...

Oh I LOVE these ideas, good luck with your house move. I have a pinterest board FULL of ideas for my home but will I ever get round to it?! x

Gillian said...

Thanks! I know what you mean - I have an ever-expanding list of ideas but would probably need a very big house to undertake them all! G