Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Visting Fota Wildlife Park

We took a trip to Fota Wildlife Park recently with my brother-in-law's family - its been a while since I've visited & it was fun to go with kids! As you can see I was most taken with the European Bison and the Cheetah enclosures. We also had much needed break in the cafe with chips and tea to warm up! I'm busy with a felty order this weekend but hope to get some more crafting done next week!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Covet Tuesday: Rit Dye

I was looking for alternatives to Dylon Fabric Dye online recently and found this American favourite Rit! Coincidentally Rit started springing up all over the place and is for sale in Vibes & Scribes Crafts store in Cork, and American Apparel at the end of Grafton Street in Dublin (really good value at 4euro a bottle!). Having bought literally tonnes of purple Dylon machine dye in my teens/twenties I decided I needed a change and am totally smitten with Rit. The website also includes instructions on how to create custom colour with different dyes. So far I've tried the liquid bottle in Scarlet and used the good old bucket method - no salt needed and very little stirring on my part with perfect results. I've also invested in a box of Peach in powder form and I might attempt dyeing some bedclothes in the washing machine next.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pink Kawaii Dolls, Toadstools and Animals Buttons

Its so rainy and miserable here today so I have the fire on already and am busy making fabric yo-yos - very soothing! I ordered this fabric from Japan over Christmas and am very pleased with the results! I think the pink toadstools might be making it onto one of my cardigans soon. I bought some fabric dye yesterday too so might relive my teens/early twenties and dye everything in sight later!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lovehearts Ikea BEKVÄM Step Stool

I always planned to paint the BEKVÄM Step Stool I bought before Christmas and finally got out the paint roller last week! I painted all the components before assembly - if you have put anything from Ikea together this is quite simple - even though I had lost the instructions and the online help seemed to be for a different version of the stool.
Halfway through I thought it might be a pity to cover up the lovely Aspen wood but once the Hearts Oilcloth was in place I was happy! I bought a metre of this for about 12 euros last Summer at Murphy Sheehy in Dublin. I only used a small amount for this project and stapled the cloth in place with a very cheap (and super dangerous) staple-gun from B&Q.
In the top photograph you can see Louis was helping me that day - and the gorgeous Spring flowers my friend brought me last week - the Hyacinths smell fantastic!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Scrabble Tiles, Crafts Supplies and Packaging

Having seen loads of Scrabble Tile inspired crafts about the place I invested in a big bag of spare tiles to make my own wordy creations. I also recently ordered some new buttons and ribbon from here and managed to photograph them all in their lovely packaging before further examination! I've also been experimenting with my new button packaging and hope to list all my new items over at Etsy soon. I've also been customising the Bekvam Step Stool I bought at Ikea and will post about that over the weekend!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Covet Tuesday: Steiff

Any viewer of Antiques Roadshow will be familiar with the Steiff brand - I've coveted these teddies for ages now and was lucky enough to get the Charly Bear (from the Cuddly Teddy Bears range) in my Christmas Stocking last year and a tiny little dog keyring this year! I really still covet one of these chaps though - or any bear from the Classic Teddy Bears range!

Saturday, January 9, 2010


I went on a bit of a crafty splurge before Christmas treating myself to all kinds of things I've been lusting after for ages - I guess you could call it my Christmas present from me to me! New Russian Doll Kawaii fabric from Japan - new iheartcrafts buttons, Glassine Bags and Butcher's Twine - new iheartcrafts packaging and some nifty Clover tools - for felting and pom-pom making - as you can probably see I've used the felting brush already!
I also received some lovely gifts over the holiday season - which might make up for the fact that I'm awake since 7.30 - Louis woke us up by (it would seem purposely) tipping my Louise Kennedy Crystal Candlesticks off my Linen Cabinet smashing them both to bits! My brother-in-law gave me this fantastic jug and bowl set, very apt gifts from my great friends - oh and I've also been given an Adoption Pack for a Snow Leopard from Dublin Zoo!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Frosty New Year

So I'm a little late in getting back to the blogworld but Happy New Year! We moved home to Mum's for the duration of the holidays and had a wonderful time - and were really taken care of with lovely fires and food! Louis came too of course - here he is very taken with Mum's stream - hours of fun was had trying to figure out where the water was coming from and where its going!