Monday, January 25, 2010

Covet Tuesday: Rit Dye

I was looking for alternatives to Dylon Fabric Dye online recently and found this American favourite Rit! Coincidentally Rit started springing up all over the place and is for sale in Vibes & Scribes Crafts store in Cork, and American Apparel at the end of Grafton Street in Dublin (really good value at 4euro a bottle!). Having bought literally tonnes of purple Dylon machine dye in my teens/twenties I decided I needed a change and am totally smitten with Rit. The website also includes instructions on how to create custom colour with different dyes. So far I've tried the liquid bottle in Scarlet and used the good old bucket method - no salt needed and very little stirring on my part with perfect results. I've also invested in a box of Peach in powder form and I might attempt dyeing some bedclothes in the washing machine next.


Cathy said...

Lovely colours in the Rit range Gillian. I used to experiment with Dylon years ago but was a bit shocked by the amount of water I needed. It was in the summer and it felt very wasteful.

nicedaydesigns said...

Thanks for the tip, I've to dye loads of blank buttons and I might try using this dye.