Friday, January 15, 2010

Scrabble Tiles, Crafts Supplies and Packaging

Having seen loads of Scrabble Tile inspired crafts about the place I invested in a big bag of spare tiles to make my own wordy creations. I also recently ordered some new buttons and ribbon from here and managed to photograph them all in their lovely packaging before further examination! I've also been experimenting with my new button packaging and hope to list all my new items over at Etsy soon. I've also been customising the Bekvam Step Stool I bought at Ikea and will post about that over the weekend!


Cathy said...

Love all the items you have featured Gillian especially the lovely button mug. So unusual. I have always coveted Steiff bears too. I have a lovely old raggy bear my parents bought me as a child because I was petrified of the dark, but a Steiff would be nice too.

Seeing the scrabble tiles reminds me of the magnetised fridge alphabet that my nephew had. He was always putting interesting words and phrases on the fridge.

Gillian said...

Thanks Cathy! I too have a much loved teddy called 'Teddy' that I've had now for about 30 years (yikes!) ... I think the Steiff are gorgeous but so does Louis! G

picciolo said...

you have been busy! I've been ordering new supplies too, mine haven't arrived yet though
: )