Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Covet Tuesday: Birdhouse Alarm Clocks & Coo Clocks

I spied these Birdhouse Alarm Clocks at the Pavilion recently and found that the company responsible also makes these funky Coo Clocks. I think I prefer the Birdhouse clock (which wakes you up with birdsong) to the Coo Clocks which (among other things) Baa, Moo, Oink and Cluck!


picciolo said...

what lovely flowers you got! I think I prefer the birdsong alarm clock too, I'm not sure it would wake me up though!
: )

Cathy said...

Gorgeous flower photos Gillian. I like it when it gets near springtime because there is so much more to photograph. I love the colours of the birdhouse alarm clocks too. We have a bird call clock which my brother bought for us at Christmas. It gives a different bird call each hour. I like the tawny owl best. I have always loved the call of the owl.

Hazel said...

Hey, some of these clocks appear to be on sale on Amazon, I saw them and immediately thought of you :D

Gillian said...

Thanks Hazel! I just treated myself to the blue tweeting clock!! G