Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Covet Tuesday: Celia Birtwell

Having seen a documentary about textile designer Celia Birtwell recently, she popped into my world again over the weekend in the form of a very covetable printed Pretty Woman Flask on sale at the Pavilion. Not really being able to justify the flask purchase however, I snapped up this (Christmas stock) purse and fob set for a measly 1euro at Boots yesterday - and so now I own a little Celia of my own!! Check out the 2006 CB collection for Topshop here.
*Celia Birtwell just became a follower on Twitter!! Check out her tweets here.


Anonymous said...

I got a little CB travel case and matching make up bag as a Christmas gift. Super cute. Her stuff is great :)

Cathy said...

How lovely Gillian. Celia is a legend. I have always loved her prints - so beautifully feminine. I agree the flask is lovely. I wished I had seen the documentary.

picciolo said...

what a great bargain! And I love your custom order items too
: )

Cap'n NikNak said...

The purse is super cute and I really like those illustrations! Cute blog btw x