Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ikea Goodies

I finally got around to photographing all my Ikea goodies - number one on my list was this STRIB rug - which I really love (as does Louis!) I also lucked out with this ANNAMOA fabric - though I was surprised at the largeness of the pattern - these are each 1 metre - not sure what I'll do with this yet but really love that fox even if the bunnies are a bit Watership Down-ish! Threw this very pink cushion into the trolley the minute I saw it - its now my squishy cushion by the fire! Also bought some other colourful lovelies - these SKUTTA tree/leaf mats,BĂ„RBAR Tray and very flowery RENATE FLORA Bedclothes!

Covet Tuesday: Maisie Moo Tripp Luggage

Last week I came across this range of Luggage at Debenhams. I'm a sucker for all things luggage but this Cerise/Turquoise Paisley range Maisie Moo from Tripp really caught my eye! With my birthday coming up enormous hints are being dropped to family members with special emphasis on the Shoulder Bag and Wheeled Tote! Its icy cold here today but at least we're avoiding the snow!

Cath Kidston March Magazine

I managed to wrangle a free Cath Kidston Magazine when in Dublin recently and thought I would share some of my faves from the new range. I have signed up for the mailing list but I'm not sure if the CK people actually post out to Ireland.
I always have a soft spot for the CK pin cushions like this little felt bouquet but feel I should be able to whip up one of these myself (and never do of course!) On the other hand I really want these plimsolls ... and the spotty rainjacket & hat even if I would look like a walking CK advertisement.
Also on the list of lusts is the new CK digital wallpaper - I think it would look lovely in a small room or maybe on a chimney breast but at £150 a roll I'll have to leave that for my dream house - although these flowery wall decals might be a good compromise.
We're off to Galway for the weekend to stay with our friends who live in a real thatched cottage so very excited - will be sure to take lots of photographs!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Covet Tuesday: PiP Studio

I just discovered Dutch company PiP Studio during our trip to Avoca last week where there was a wonderful display of PiP textiles. Love the fresh colours and patterns. Further PiP online investigation turned up these lovelies - truly coveting that bag and those tea towels now!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Visiting Ikea Dublin / Avoca Rathcoole

Our mission to Ikea Dublin was successful! First stop - Daim Cake & Tea for shopping sustenance! We made the most of the Sale with a big trolley between us which we filled to the brim and more besides - I had researched lots on the Ikea website before our trip which makes finding what you want much easier. I would also recommend checking online if your item is in stock at the store on your planned date to prevent disappointment! I really liked this layering of curtains - I've seen this in a few magazines and was impressed with the result! I'll post about my purchases later in the week! We stopped for dinner and a browse at the huge Avoca at Rathcoole on the way home - lovely eats and lots of goodies to covet! Thanks to Ciara for driving and pushing the trolley!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Covet Tuesday: Ikea Annamoa Fabric

I've managed to wrangle another trip to Ikea this week and will have my eyes peeled for this range of fabrics. I love the Japanese/Kawaii influences and am looking forward to seeing these for real on the shop floor. We might swing by the Cath Kidston Outlet at Kildare too - and I'll report back on any bargains which might be worth a visit. Its bitterly cold here today - well it is St Patrick's Day tomorrow and freezing wind is mandatory for any Parade viewing!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Visiting: Avoca Suffolk Street

First stop when we arrived in Dublin - lunch at Avoca! As you can see I picked a lovely Caesar Salad before ogling the many floors of loveliness! I was very restrained over our stay and only bought this lovely bag for my Mum at the Cath Kidston, Dundrum. I did manage to snaffle a CK Magazine though and am very taken with some of her new fabrics and her Summery Plimsolls! Planning a trip to Ikea & possible CK Outlet this week so holding off on the spending until then.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Nostalgic Tea Towels & New Buttons

Having recently spied 'our' dinnerplates from my Seventies childhood in the new Fairy Liquid ad I had a rummage in Mum's linen cupboard and came up with these beauties! Got to love that 'Slimming: For Pleasure and Profit' and I'm sure lots of people will recognise this blue flower placemat - in fact I think this also came in a brown colourway. I decided to photograph some of my new button-magnets against Mum's M&S towel from the Penny Bazaar too - hope to list these next week. Off on some Dublin adventures today so very excited!

Monday, March 8, 2010

H&M Garden Collection / Rowan Purelife

I came across this scarf in H&M last week and fell in love with all its flowery-ness (and little butterflies and beetles!). It is part of the new Garden Collection - check out the Press Pictures - some lovely dresses and Summer colours in organic cottons & linens. Also Organic - this fabulous Rowan naturally dyed Purelife wool which my great friend bought all the way from Liberty the last time she came home to Cork. The Liberty Sale in fact which makes it all the better! Cannot wait to get crafting with this - pom-poms ahoy!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Felt Cloud Purse & Works in Progress

I've had some time to tackle some projects that have been languishing in my crafts drawer for ages! I'm delighted with this Cloud Purse and hope to make more like it soon. I've also been busy covering buttons - hope to make magnets with these toadstools! I've been busy scouring the Ikea website too - hope to make the journey to Dublin again over the next few weeks.