Sunday, March 14, 2010

Visiting: Avoca Suffolk Street

First stop when we arrived in Dublin - lunch at Avoca! As you can see I picked a lovely Caesar Salad before ogling the many floors of loveliness! I was very restrained over our stay and only bought this lovely bag for my Mum at the Cath Kidston, Dundrum. I did manage to snaffle a CK Magazine though and am very taken with some of her new fabrics and her Summery Plimsolls! Planning a trip to Ikea & possible CK Outlet this week so holding off on the spending until then.


Mise said...

Lovely bag! I love the Letterfrack Avoca, as it's so calm and spacious, but the Dublin one has more stock, I think. It's so difficult to leave without heaps of things that you never knew you wanted.

HeartfeltHandmade said...

Wow, how wonderful, such a shame there isn't one near me, although I would probably move in if there was! :o)