Thursday, April 22, 2010

Visiting: Blarney Castle

We recently visited Blarney Castle - probably one of Cork's most famous sites! Our family lives a stone's throw from the Castle grounds but we rarely visit - so with some friends down from Dublin we decided to take the trip! We were rewarded with a beautiful Spring day and wandered around the grounds taking in the new Poison Garden and Blarney House. If anyone has ever wondered what 'kissing the Blarney Stone' entails take note of the hole in the ramparts in the third photograph - and picture of what is expected of you here - I passed this time around due to slight fear of heights!!


picciolo said...

I think I would have been scared too! It looks as if you can't fall through though. I've never seen pictures of Blarney castle before, it is very imposing with beautiful ground and views
: )

Cathy said...

I would have loved to have visited Cork when we were in Ireland Gillian. I am not sure I could have got my neck into the right angle to kiss the stone though. I think I may have enough of the old blarney already...haha. Gorgeous place.