Monday, April 12, 2010

Zakka Sewing

Blogging outdoors this lunchtime - we Irish have to make good use of any sun that comes our way! I've been bitten by the Amazon bug again - you know ... those tempting emails they send once you've bought one craft book - telling you about all their great offers! This time round I succumbed to Zakka Sewing - beautifully presented - though no real patterns - more of an ogling/inspirational book as you can see!


Unknown said...

Hi! I'm the author of Zakka Sewing. I'm so glad to read your post about the book! Just fyi, there are patterns for every project in the book - you have to xerox them and enlarge - this is consistent with the way that Japanese zakka books handle it too.

picciolo said...

That book looks gorgeous! I can see why you succumbed
: )

Cathy said...

Lovely book. I get so much pleasure from inspirational books with fabulous photos. I am always being seduced by Amazon and their amazing coterie of art and craft books.