Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Visiting: Fitzgerald's Park & the Mardyke

Last week we visited Fitzgerald's Park and the Mardyke right here in Cork City. It had been years since I've been here and its so pretty in the sunshine - though a lot smaller than my childhood memories! They seem to be renovating the Public Museum so we scooted on past the fountains to the "Shakey Bridge" - our Uncle used to terrify us on this bridge when we were small - shaking it so that it would sway from side to side!
As you can see I've started growing lettuce this year - also some onions, chard, herbs and some poppies from seed - all very exciting for the novice gardener that I am!


Cathy said...

Lovely photos Gillian. Love the idea of the "shakey bridge". I have been pondering whether to try out some Moo cards for ages so this offer is a good way to try them out and not too expensive. Thanks for the tip.

picciolo said...

what great photos, it looks like you had a good day! Your moo cards are lovely too - I'm going to check out that offer!
: )