Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Busy at Crafts

I've been a busy crafter since returning from holiday! First of all though a mention for these great 'Cafe Biscuits' found at Aldi recently - so nice with a cup of coffee! I've had fun making these Scrabble Box Frames - hope to sell these at markets later in the summer. Also - new packaging for buttons, badges and business cards - and a new line of coffee cup holders! I invested in a sewing machine at Aldi - and made this mini bunting last week - looks good on our bookcases! Oh and Louis was 'helping' me to clean out my crafts drawers last week - cats seem to love being part of every household task!  


Mise said...

I think you've found the perfect crafter's biscuits - they have the right sweet and quirky look.

picciolo said...

you have been busy! That drawer looks comfy
: )


awww how sweet is he! drawers are gorgeous too! :)