Thursday, July 15, 2010

Felty Corsages and July Makes

I've finally gotten around to finishing up some works in progress that have been on the crafts shelves for quite a while! I've been experimenting with flower and butterfly felty corsages and hope to make some more necklaces and headbands soon! Also very excited with these black toadstool and Russian doll buttons and some more mini bunting - its addictive!
I recently dipped into the world of baking and this was my first attempt at butter icing - not bad! Picked up this Rice Napkin at the Avoca sale over the weekend - its currently residing on my hall table - but I'm sure Louis will start sleeping on it before long!

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Unknown said...

Those felty corsages and black toadstools are so cute and lovely! I actually love using felts in making hair accessories for my daughter.