Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Twelve Things - Lobster and Swan

I decided to partake in this project having read this post - such beautiful images and lovely stories!
**update** - so excited to have been included in Lobster and Swan's's Twelve Things - Read her post here!

1. Mannequin Head - From my Grannie's Hair Salon - She was a very inspiring and independent woman.
2. The Wizard of Oz - This was a gift from my Mum a few years back - The film is a favourite and I just love  the tiny size of this book.
3. The Eiffel Tower - A little kitchy souvenir from a perfect Parisian holiday.
4. Leafy Branch Brooch - Also inherited from my Grannie - This is one of my favourite pieces of jewellery.
5. Joe the Guin - Really sweet wooden penguin bought for me by my husband during some tough times last year.
6. Rose Scarf - Has skyrocketed to my favourite scarf since recent purchase at Urban Outfitters. I have a scarf for every occasion.
7. Glass Jug - Complete with swizzle stick - Inherited from my other Gran - perfect for Elderflower Cordial during the summer!
8. New Shoes - I bought these last year and have been keeping them for 'good' - but now intend to wear as soon as possible.
9. Ivor the Teddy Bear - Keeps all his prised possessions in his little bag - he has kept me company during exams for twenty years.
10. Deer Photograph - Reminds me of family members not with me anymore - This was my Grannie's 'pet' deer!
11. Wooden Box - Snaffled from my Mum's dressing table when I was small - has lived on mine ever since.
12. Orange Flower Facial Oil - Smells wonderful - A beautiful gift from my thoughtful friend in London.

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