Friday, August 20, 2010

Visiting: Anthropologie Regent Street

I finally got to visit Anthropologie last weekend! We decided to go to Regent Street on Sunday morning so it
was very quiet and so we could also squeeze in a visit to Liberty! Having thoroughly browesd the three floors of loveliness I finally decided on buying this tea-towel though I think it will be more of a show towel! I also liked these measuring cups but they exceeded my budget!


Cathy said...

I still haven't got to Anthropologie yet but I am hoping to go before the end of the year. Isn't Liberty the most wonderful shop in the world? I love all the old wood and the atmosphere there. They used to have a wonderful selection of gorgeous books but I think they may have done away with that side of things now. They also used to have a wonderful British Crafts section which was to die for. I must make another visit soon.

Gillian said...

Yes Cathy I love Liberty too - though they have changed it around a lot in recent years - I think I preferred the less streamlined layout! Anthropologie is well worth a visit - I would recommend eary morning - much easier to browse around! G