Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Highstreet Christmas: Boots and M&S

Is it too early for Christmas talk - probably - but I've found that the festive stock always sells out really early so I I had a quick look around Cork yesterday and found the best displays in Boots and M&S. Boots has a fantastic range of branded products from Celia Birtwell to Joules, Marmite to Starbucks. I particularly liked Boots own Cute or What range!
On then to M&S with lots of handmade inspired decorations - great for inspiration to make your own or add to your collection! My favourites here were the little penguins and the Sanna Annukka Biscuit tins - I fell in love with these last year but missed out as they sold very quickly! Think I like the Magical Musical Tin best.
*On a less happy note Louis has been missing since yesterday afternoon - keep your fingers crossed that he'll find his way home before tonight!

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Anonymous said...

I love going to the dollar stores and grabbing the cutest of the cute in the beginning of the season. They sell out so fast. These look adorable as well. Hugs. Tammy