Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Louis is Home!

Thanks to all of you that kept those fingers crossed - Louis came home last week after three and a half weeks missing. A kind neighbour saw him wandering around our park and took him in until we returned home! Lots of sleep and food later he's back to normal causing trouble around the house!


Flossie and Tom said...

I'm so pleased - its horrible when a pet goes missing - is he old ? My sisters cat started wandering off and not coming home as it got older and when she took him to the vets he said that he had got alzheimers !!!

Hen said...

Crikey, thank goodness for that. You must be so relieved. Naughty puss!
Hen x

Gillian said...

Thanks guys! So delighted to have him back - the neighbourhood really rallied round once we sent out flyers/posters! He's only young - about one! We reckon he was locked in somewhere - he's in perfect nick other than losing loads of weight! G