Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Scandinavian Shopping

I could have filled another bag with goodies on returning from our Scandinavian trip. However, as we were backpacking I was restricted to shopping at our final city Stockholm and to only buying what I could fit in my rucksack! We were very lucky to happen across Åhléns where I bought most of these items and had one of the nicest cake & coffee breaks ever!
From the top: Dala Horse - these are a tourist must-buy and vary in price and quality - I'm very happy with my little red guy! 2. Almedahls Astrid Sempe Herb Garden Storage Jar - I've coveted this for ages now and was so happy to find it for sale at Dunkers kulturhus in Helsingborg. 3. Picked up these badges from each place we visited!. 4. Rosti Mepal Margrethe Bowl - Had to restrain myself here and bought the smallest bowl I could find! 5. Sagaform Lotta Odelius Retro Förvaringsburk Loved all the Sagaform designs but this one won my heart!

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