Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Visiting: Helsingborg

Part three of our recent Scandinavian Odyssey sees us at Helsingborg, Sweden! We went straight from our bus from Malmö up to the Kärnan medieval tower and fortress that offers this great view of Helsingborg and Helsingør beyond on the coast of Denmark. We really enjoyed our stay here (despite the 2.5 km walk to our hostel!) and the town centre is packed with these amazing buildings.
We also made our way to Fredriksdal open air museum and spent the day wandering around the buildings and gardens getting a good potted history of the architecture of Skåne. A trip to the 'Tropical Beach' of Helsingborg is also a must - we were lucky to get a few hours of lovely sun down here watching the ferry Hamlet sailing back and forth! I had to take some photographs before we left our hostel - here of the lovely breakfast room and this dala horse fabric wall hangings!



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