Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Visiting: Stockhom Part 2

I could not choose between all the lovely photographs from our Stockholm stay so have divided this post into three parts! Part two shows more of the unusual hostel we stayed at on Långholmen island: a former prison - the bedrooms are very nicely kitted out cells! We also had a swimming area two minutes away which was great for an evening dip!
The next day brought rain so we indulged in some shopping, cakes and coffee at Åhléns and later took refuge at the Nationalmuseum. I'm not usually one for taking photographs in galleries but I find my iPhone very handy for taking snaps without a flash - here I could not resit Design 19002000, The Four Seasons exhibition (Autumn, Helmer Osslund) and Turn of the Century Gems (A Fox Family, Bruno Liljefors). 

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