Monday, May 21, 2012

Printing My Blog with SharedBook

Last week I discovered I was running out of photo space on Blogger so I decided to try to save and print some of my blogposts myself and so freeing up some space on both Blogger and my overstretched hard drive. However, I quickly realised what a task this would be (all those colour photographs!) and had a look around for some online help. I came across SharedBook - and I decided to print all of my 2008 posts in book form and then delete them from my blog! I'm pretty sure that nobody has read those blogs in a long while - my posts were mostly about feeling my way back into writing and learning about what crafts and craftspeople were out there. I'm really happy with the results and plan to do the same for 2009 soon!
Also just to let you know that my Blogoversary has just passed so I'm planning an iheartcharms giveaway soon to celebrate!


Mise said...

That's a lovely idea!

Gillian said...

I'm delighted with the result - its almost like a journal of my life in 2008! G

TanyaMac said...

that is the nicest way to delete! and a nifty keepsake too, you'll be able to flick through it when you're old and reminisce ;P*